Vet360Clean is a growing commercial cleaning service, consisting of local veterans who need work and an opportunity to learn valuable skills. The program gives unemployed veterans an opportunity to gain employment and become apart of an organization that will empower veterans.

SECONDARY FUNCTION: Provide a funding source for Veteran Services Commission, Inc that will allow the organization to become 100% giving for veteran services.

Our Project Plan

Established in 2017, As not-for-profit corporation under Veteran Services Commission 501c3 IRS Status.

Currently seeking Board Members and Advisors for this organization. We are seeking retired veterans who have experience in commercial cleaning and state, local and federal government contracting.

Development of Business Plan and Funding Sources for Start-Up

Recruit corporate stakholders to participate in the development of commercial services. Establish a corporate roundtable to assist in the development of VET360Clean.

Identify Veterans Organizations that can assist in connecting veterans for employment for Vet360Clean.

2017- Established Legal Structure

2018- Recruitment, Organize and Market

2019-  (1st Quarter) Establish Boards and Leadership Structure

2019- (3rd-4th Quarter) Identify Stakeholders, Development of Business Plan and Identify Start-Up Funding.

2020- Prepare for Commercial Services Deployment and Recruit Veterans