Jack Bryant

Reinvest Veterans is an non-profit organization founded by Jack Bryant a former decorated veteran and full time Entrepreneur. Reinvest veterans was created to help veterans by providing them with all the resources that they would want and or need by consolidating all estate veterans information resources all under one collaborative platform. By putting the information resources all under one cloud based storage all veterans would be able to access all the information that they would need all from the comfort of your home.

Donate Today to help local veterans!

Here at VSC we are self funded so donations are very much appreciated and make us able to do our job well and help as many veterans as we can and keep them informed and supplied with the information that they need. Our Vision is to give back to those that have sacrificed so much to give us the opportunity of a lifetime so we can live in a free country.

Veteran Resources

The Veterans Services Commission is a one-stop resource for veterans who are seeking assistance. We provide veterans with the resources that they need including information and help with crises, finding jobs in the community and much more! Join us as we pave a way for all veterans young and old to be the best they can be and give them as many opportunities and as much information as we are able.

Jobs for veterans

Employment is one of the cornerstones of reintegrating back into the civilian world as a veteran. Here at the VSC we help veterans look for jobs throughout the community and even partner with companies that know how valuable veteran experience is. Come look at our veteran friendly job listings to see if we can help you today!




25 July, 2016

Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

05 November, 2016

1st Annual Chaplins Call

22 July, 2016

11 March, 2016

IRS 501C3 Approval

18 Oct, 2016

1st Annual ReinvestVeterans Event

17 Dec, 2016

Construction of Veterans Center

Support our Veterans

You can provide vet-to-vet counseling and different resources for veterans and their family members. Support the VSC today with your donation! There are veterans all over the world that are homeless and aren’t able to find jobs because of their commitment to their country. Lets give back to the people who gave so much to us!